THE BOOK: When Your Parents Sign the Paychecks

If your family owns the business, your career decisions hit close to home.

This new book is the only one written to help younger people decide whether to enter the family business and how to succeed if they do. The book helps you:

  • Consider the challenges, opportunities and risks that are never addressed in school.
  • Deal with family dynamics and personalities.
  • Take charge of your career and future - in or out of the family business.
  • Choose for yourself by understanding the opportunities of business ownership.
  • Increase your marketability.
  • Face your family's expectations with clear decisions.
  • Take your conversations and relationship with your parents to a more adult level.

This book will help you take ownership of your future, family and career.

Don't miss THE PARENTS GUIDE supplement designed to help parents communicate more clearly, facilitate decisions that respect the family and the business, and see how the next generation can work well in the business.

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